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Agricultural Guarantee Fund Pool 


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AGFP Bulletin No. 2016-002

Advisory on Fraudulent AGFP Agents

AGFP Bulletin No. 2016-001

Penalty on Guarantee Fee Refunds

AGFP Bulletin No. 2015-005

Willful Misrepresentation

AGFP Bulletin No. 2014-006

Deadline on Submission of Lacking Documents for Claims​

AGFP Bulletin No. 2014-001

AGFP Bulletin No. 2013-001

AGFP Bulletin No. 2016-003

Definition of Fraud and Willful Misrepresentation

AGFP Bulletin No. 2015-003

Revised IRR

AGFP Bulletin No. 2015-002

Loan Ceilings and Suspension of Coverage of Long Gestating Crops

AGFP Bulletin No. 2015-001

New Guarantee Fee Schedule

AGFP Bulletin No. 2014-005

ARB Discount

AGFP Bulletin No. 2014-004

PCIC Discount

gallery/agfp bulletin no. 2016-002 advisory on fraudulent agfp agents
gallery/agfp bulletin no. 2015-005 willful misrepresentation
gallery/agfp bulletin no. 2014-001
gallery/agfp bulletin no. 2013-001
gallery/agfp bulletin no. 2014-006 deadline on submission of lacking documents for claims
gallery/agfp bulletin no. 2016-004 new guarantee coverage template-page-001
gallery/agfp bulletin no. 2015-003 revised irr-page-001
gallery/agfp bulletin no. 2015-001 new guarantee fee schedule-page-001
gallery/agfp bulletin no. 2014-005 arb discount-page-001
gallery/agfp bulletin no. 2014-004 pcic discount-page-001
gallery/agfp bulletin no. 2016-001 penalty on guarantee fee refunds
gallery/agfp bulletin no. 2016-002 advisory on fraudulent agfp agents
gallery/agfp bulletin no. 2016-003 definition of fraud and willful misrepresentation-page-001
gallery/agfp bulletin no. 2015-002 loan ceilings and suspension of coverage of long gestating crops-page-001

AGFP Bulletin No. 2016-004

New Guarantee Coverage Template

AGFP Bulletin No. 2015-004 

Effectivity of Provisions in revised



Guarantee Agreement
Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) AO No. 4
Series of 2018